Museum Of Arts & Culture

 Soul of Humanity

Dear Ms. Heiss,

Thank you so much for an amazing trip to the New Rochelle High School Museum of Arts and Culture. We had a great day. From the very beginning our preschoolers were immediately engaged, They loved seeing the students artwork in the hallway and were able to make connections to their own work in portraiture, color studies, and clay hand sculptures.

Visiting the art studio/classroom was an unexpected bonus as this is a concept our children have been acting out in their dramatic play corner in class. Meeting the art teacher and art students really helped their play come alive. And seeing art tools in action was as added benefit.

Lastly the Museum itself did not disappoint. Your tour of the art gallery covered so many different mediums; clay, fabric, sculpture, drawing, paint, watercolor, and photography to name a few. With your help the children were able to connect their learning of famous artists to the different mediums and styles that were represented. And then to be able to create their own portraits in an art gallery is an experience our preschoolers will not forget. They are now truly ready to prepare their own art gallery here at school to present to their Mother's on Mother's day thanks to you.

On a professional note, organizing this trip with you was a pleasure and your interaction with our preschoolers was on point. Your ability to connect with our students and present the art work at their level and understanding is what made the trip such a huge success.

Thank you again,

Gianina Wechsler
Head Teacher
Full day Pre-Kindergarten

Christen O'Brien
Full Day Pre-Kindergarten

Meaghan Fullerton
Curriculum Coordinator
Weekday Nursery School

The Museum of Arts & Culture at New Rochelle High School inspires educational excellence by providing an on-site museum experience for students and serving as an important cultural asset for the community at large. The Museum of Arts & Culture is the only Regents-chartered museum in a school in the State of New York.

Through a combination of original and visiting exhibits and programs focused on the fine arts, history, literature, science and technology, the MAC enriches the school curriculum as it stimulates thought, excites the imagination, and energizes understanding.

The Museum of Arts & Culture also collaborates with other museums, cultural institutions and community groups to reach beyond its walls and serve as an educational and cultural resource for the entire City of New Rochelle.

The Museum of Arts & Culture is a program of the New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence. You can support the work of the MAC by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Fund.

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